Emicor Inc. began in 1964 as Eastern Auto Supply Co. (EASCO) in the Chinatown district of Manila, soon becoming a prominent distributor of auto spare parts from brands such as Repco Ltd, Champion spark plugs, Timken bearings,  FoMoCo parts and BF Goodrich tires to the local market.   In 1971, the company would move to its present 4,700 sq/m facility in Quezon City to accommodate its expansive services.


With the expanding road network in 1976, the company established the country’s first Quick Auto Service Clinic by introducing computerized engine analyzers, wheel aligners, wheel balancers and pneumatic tire changers to the market. This set the bench mark which eventually led the company to pioneer in the design, supply and service of a new and growing automotive service industry.

With the rising fuel cost, another division was set up to provide accurate and reliable “measurement solutions” for the downstream oil industry to measure, blend and control their products.   To date, FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions sets the standard for global BEST MEASUREMENT PRACTICES by designing, manufacturing and servicing the precision products and systems used to measure and control liquids in industrial applications.


With increasing demand for parking space, the company decided in 2008 to formally launch its "parking solutions department" not only to supply its existing customer base, but also provide various models to the general market's specific needs. These products can be utilized for personal, commercial and industrial application and just like our existing lines, our parking lifts and apparatus comes complete with installation, training, spare parts and after sales service.

Emicor Inc. remains dedicated to its core business with the automotive and the petroleum industry. Our product lines reflect the latest development and innovations in the market place.  It is our goal to be the gold standard in equipment distribution and services and to continuously provide top quality solutions to our clients.